The stress of modern living affects us all and in various aspects of our lives. Continued stress adversely affects the mind and body, compromising your health and prematurely aging us internally and externally. The need to restore and renew yourself back to a healthy balance becomes imperative to your overall health.

Our goal at The Healing Place is to provide you with the means necessary to relax and renew your mind, body and spirit through massage and relaxation. The massage therapist is trained and licensed in the most effective massage techniques to help you regenerate, replenish and regain a sense of well being. The physical benefits of massage therapy are enhanced by the emotional balance a massage provides.

Are you sick of dealing with the effects of stress?
Then it's time for you to discover the benefits of massage!!

Massage is NOT just an indulgence:

It reduces stress and tension in sore muscles
become more effective at work
make your family life more enjoyable and happy
make your daily life better

Start the journey to a healthier, happier you!!

We are Here to Serve You By Appt.
Monday - Thursday 9AM to 8PM
Friday 9AM to 8PM
Saturday 9AM to 3PM
The Healing Place of Cottage Grove
8617 W. Point Douglas Rd
Cottage Grove, MN  55016
We offer consistent excellent bodywork with the following modalities

Swedish Relaxation Massage 
Deep Tissue/Sports Massage
Basic Reflexology
Myofascial Release
Sports Massage
Lymphatic Massage

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Acupuncture is now available at The Healing Place

To schedule please contact Jen @ 612-401-2099
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